"We aspire to live in the Household affections, and to be numbered among the Household thoughts, of our readers. We hope to be the comrade and friend of many thousands of people, of both sexes, and of all ages and conditions, on whose faces we may never look."

– Charles Dickens


Household Words is dedicated to the examination, development, and definition of art and culture in the world today that in various ways touches all those working in the creative fields regardless of age, cultural background or social status. In an eclectic yet coherent mix of critical essays on contemporary artistic discourse, artist texts as well as interviews, memoirs and prose the editorial narrative aims to unite artistic minds of all generations. It pays tribute to past luminaries whilst still keeping a firm grip on the present, evoking something timeless, something nostalgic yet refreshingly modern. Household Words is a straightforward and intelligent magazine celebrating personality, authenticity and style.


And The Numeral 2

Household Words will be releasing its second iteration And The Numeral 2 with thoughts from Celia Perrin Sidarous, Serena Lee, Cherry Smyth, Seamus Harahan, Sam Keogh, Susana Pedrosa, Alexander Maris, Hilde de Bruijn and a couple others.


Hold on, will you please, I'll be right back in a minute.

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